A Champagne Girl

A Champagne Girl always makes an entrance. You can usually hear her before you see her. She likes a party and is dazzling.

You never know what you’re going to get with a Champagne Girl, but you know that once you first meet her, she is going to blow you away. Like the bubbles in your drink, she makes you feel alive. Within an hour, she is making your head spin. And you like it.

You only find yourself wanting more. You normally don’t drink champagne, but you know that today is special, and that she is different. You’re glad you wore your best suit because a Champagne Girl is not easily impressed. But, if you can keep her for two drinks, there is usually no going back. She’s hooked.

She makes you feel light. You begin to dance and you have to hold her so lightly that you’re afraid she may break. She is delicate. 

You know that she is a one-in-a-million, only bottled once, girl and that you will never be able to find someone quite like her. And you finally figured out what it means to have “champagne taste.”

Once you meet a Champagne Girl, you can never go back.