I’m somewhere in between a Come-To-Jesus moment and Quarter-Life Crisis – or perhaps they are two of the same, depending on how you look at it.

Lately, things have happened that have made me run into Nostalgia, Happiness, Sadness and Wonder all on the same street corner.  Hey there, fancy meeting you all here. At the same time. Right at this moment.

I used to think that I was not an emotional person. I’ve lost, succeeded, and remained stationary all while barely blinking. And then I picked up my life and graduated and lost important people and made new friends and realized that little things and big things alike do not necessarily make you happy. And also learned that life is one big run-on sentence.

I have spent a majority of my past two years learning to navigate a map.

A “How to Figure Out What You Want to Do With The Rest of Your Life” map

A “How to Make New Friends in a Large City” map

A “How To Pick The Best Wine for the Least Amount of Money” map (that one is located in Trader Joe’s in case you’re wondering.)

A “How to Move On” map

A “How to Learn to Love Again” map

had a plan. I used to have a plan that was so detailed it was almost scary. Don’t get me wrong, I knew my life wouldn’t map out perfectly, but at least I had a map. Then one day I woke up and everything changed. My old map disappeared and I haven’t quite been able to interpret my new one.

I want someone to read the map and say, “You need to go in this direction, and when you get to the intersection of X and Y, go left and you’ll find it – whatever it is.”

Being in your early-twenties is truly confusing. You’re at a weird place that is between trying to remember why you chose the path you did and having hope that the big picture will soon make an appearance. You find yourself laughing and crying, usually at the same time accompanied by cheap alcohol. And you find yourself constantly planning for the next best thing, whatever that may be.

So in the meantime, all we can do is read our maps the best we can and hope a great thing is around the corner.