Wanna Go to Oslo?


I like to think Jesus talks to me through small, bizarre acts.

Remember when Kelvit the Uber driver distinctly remembered me? I took that a sign that I need to slow down on the weekend mimosas.

I always remember the story of the man who was stuck in a flood and asked God for a miracle to save him. If you haven’t heard of this story, click here. I interpreted this bit of wisdom that instead of overanalyzing the bigger picture, you should look for the small signs that life gives you.

Last year I decided that I wanted to be a little more spontaneous. So, I planned a trip to Europe. And when I say “planned,” I mean we had a folder of itineraries. Not quite as spontaneous as one would think, but WE WERE GOING TO EUROPE. I don’t know about you, but when traveling abroad, I want to know exactly what I am getting myself into.

And then the day of the trip arrived. I left 4 hours early for the airport, made it through security without an issue (which is actually unusual), and drank a few beers. My spontaneous trip was going according to plan.

Elizabeth, Sally and I got on the flight and right before take off, a gentleman turned towards us and asked, “So why are y’all going to Oslo?” UM EXCUSE ME. Sir, this plane is going to Iceland.

Instead of screaming, “THERE’S SOMETHING THEY AREN’T TELLING US!” I decided to go with it, hoping my suitcase had the right clothes in it, because it looked like this trip was taking a 180 degree turn. TO OSLO.

Sadly (or fortunately, depends on how you look at it) the man did not have the same approach. He was kindly escorted to the correct plane, and we were assured that our flight was indeed going to Iceland.

As I was looking for signs, I realized that perhaps the issue is that I’m misinterpreting them. What I really should have taken from this first encounter was that this was about to be a hell of a trip – spontaneous or not.


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