Traveling with Stanley, pt 2

The Last Time I Was Here . . .

Fun fact: When Stanley was in the Navy in the early 60s he spent a majority of his time on the Mediterranean at different ports.

As you know, Frankfurt is not located on the sea, so it came to my surprise when Stanley started our morning by telling me that he just hated this city.

Stanley then proceeded to tell me that the last time he was here, he was having an appendicitis attack and had to have emergency surgery with no sedation – a week before his wedding.

To say that he has strong feelings against this city is putting it lightly.

We then decided that coffee would make this feeling of angst a tad better. After seating ourselves at the nearest airport café, Stanley realized that we weren’t in America anymore and drip coffee is non-existent.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is where his love affair with espresso began.

Stanley in Frankfurt

Though the espresso was strong enough to kill a horse (which is great considering Stanley had a triple bypass surgery a year before), the layover was almost too boring. We heard a shriek of terror and witnessed a group of men screaming in German while covering their nose and mouth.

More people started coming out of the woodwork and running to the police with their hands covering their face. The police were unfazed, the local spectators were unfazed; therefore, I was unfazed. Stanley, on the other hand, did not appreciate this act of nonsense.

STANLEY (while standing up in a crowded restaurant at 4:30 am): With ISIS being on the rise, I told you flying to Europe was a bad idea!

Note: We still aren’t sure what happened, but I’m assuming someone in that German group passed really bad gas.


To read part 1, click here.

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